Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am currently the mother of two beautiful girls, but we are expecting a baby boy Sept 7, 10. So I am taking a "cake break". Thank you for your business and referrals. I have appreciated the opportunity to be a part of so many of your special occasions this last year.

Kinzie's Wedding Cake

The bride gave me a page from the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and said " I want this exact cake". Yikes! But I must say it is pretty close to Martha's!

3 Tier ( 6"x 4", 9"x 5", 12"x 6") Price $450

The price is subjected to the difficultly and intricacy of the cake design.

Simply Beautiful

3 Tier (6", 9", 12") Price $280

Greatest Grandma Turns 85

2 Tier (4", 8") Price $55

Brights and Buttons

This is actually a wedding cake. I was told that is was very much the brides personality and went beautifully with the other decorations at the reception!
3 Tier (6", 10", 14") Price $340